A magical interactive card for La Pareja Creativa

A magical interactive card for La Pareja Creativa.

Hi There! Have you ever had one of those days when nothing goes right? That happened to me yesterday, when I was trying to make a magical interactive card for my blog entry at La Pareja Creativa. Even before that, I wasted the whole Monday experimenting with another card mechanism (something similar to THIS), which ended up not working. Yesterday’s creative session was a disaster…


A magical interact

I misplaced important dies, smudged my cardstock, overheated my embossing… aaaaah, everything that could go wrong, did! It was a total miracle that I was able to finish my card on time. I wasn’t able to finish editing the video tutorial, though. I promise to post it here (and on Youtube) tomorrow or on Friday.

For now, I invite you to visit the La Pareja Creativa blog to find out what happens, when the slider panel is pulled and to check out all of the products, that I used. See you soon!

***Edited on March 2. Here’s a link to the video tutorial of the magical interactive card on Youtube or you can watch it below. ^_^

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