Interactive tilt & pivot card tutorial

Interactive round tilt & pivot card.

Hello! I’m back with another interactive card tutorial. It’s a round tilt & pivot card (also called rocking pendulum card) which features the cool dragon from the BB Magical Friends stamp set.

Interactive til & pivot card by Laura Dovalo.

If you tilt the card to the right, the rotating element (in this case the dragon) swings to the left. Check it out in action, below!

I don’t know who came up with this fun mechanism, so I can’t give credit where credit is due… There are a bunch of different versions out there! Even my sweet and talented teammate Karolyn, created THIS fun non-rocking version with a cute dog, a while ago.

Sideview of tilt & pivot card.
I actually made my first (almost identical) tilt & pivot card for the December MFT & Friends, but with a rainbow and cloudy background. If you’re interested, you can see it HERE. I was asked by a few followers to make a tutorial of the card and here it finally is! Or actually, on the MFT YouTube channel. It’s really quick and fun to create,  so head on THERE now or keep reading for more details…

Interactive tilt & pivot card tutorial.

Measurements for the round tilt & pivot card

  • Card base: two 4 ½” (11,4cm) circles
  • Card panel: 4 ½” (11,4cm)
  • Grassy hill: about 2 3/8” tall (6cm) cut with the 4” (10,2cm) circle die and trimmed with the 4 ½” (11,4cm) circle die
  • Sentiment panel: about 1 3/8” tall (3,5cm) trimmed with the 4 ½” (11,4cm) circle die

Copic markers used for the round tilt & pivot card

  • Dragon body: R59, R39, R37, R35, YR68, YR65, YR61, YR27
  • Dragon wings and horns: E53, E51, E50
  • Girl’s skin: E04, E21, E11, E000
  • Girl’s hair: E37, E35, E33, E31
  • Girl’s dress and shoes: BG05, BG02, BG01
  • Flowers and grass: W1, W00, Y17, Y15, G46, G43

List of MFT supplies used for the round tilt & pivot card

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