Delay action slimline slider card tutorial

Delay action slimline slider card by Laura Dovalo. Tutorial available on the MFT YouTube Channel.

Hi there! Today I’m stopping by to invite you to check out my delay action slimline slider card tutorial at the MFT YouTube Channel.

Interactive delay action slimline card with Copic colored fairies by Laura Dovalo.

It features images from the adorable Fairy Special stamp set and a fun mechanism, which is a version of the one that I saw in THIS amazing card, created by Ali from Ali Loves Cardmaking. She calls it a pull-push slider card. Check out my card in action, below:

As you can see, when I pull on the tab, the first fairy starts moving and when she reaches the middle, the second fairy joins her. They’re almost playing a game of fairy tag!

The mechanism actually uses two pull tags that are place right on top of each other! The kraft colored one is made out of 1/16″ thick chipboard. It has a channel which allows us to link it to the second, thinner pull tab (made of two layers of card stock).

Interactive delay action slider card created for MFT by Laura Dovalo.

In the tutorial you will learn that you don’t need specific dies if you’re good with a craft knife…

Slimline card with cute fairies and delay action mechanism.

I won’t bore you with more details… you’ll learn everything about this card in the tutorial. Thanks for stopping by!

Measurements for delay action slider card

Card base: 8 ½” x 7” (21,6cm x 17,7cm)

Card panel: 8 ¼” x 3 1/4” (21cm x 8,3cm)

Pull tab 1 (sturdy): 7 ¾” x 1” (19,3cm x 2,5cm) with 1/4” x 2.5” (6mm x 6,4cm) channel starting 1” from the left edge.

Pull tab 2: 7 ¾” x 1” (19,3cm x 2,5cm)

Acetate strips: 3/8” x ? (1cm x ?)

Paper strip for collars: 3/8” x ? (1cm x ?)

List of MFT Products used for delay action slider card

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